Walkways and Paths

We can transition your landscape with beautiful paths and walkways of natural stone, pavers or lime. Let us show you examples of different looks to help you figure out which best suits your specific landscpe.


Concrete Work

The main thing here is the ground work. We will get all of any old grass and weed out by the roots, and till and hand grade your yard, adding screened black dirt when needed. You can choose either pest or highland sod. Tom will explain the difference.

Our concrete work is all done  by Ron our concrete guy. He has been doing concrete work since childhood when he worked for his dad's company. His 30 years experience shows on all his work. You can't get any better work done and our prices are usually very competitive.

the Art of Landscaping

Decorative Rock

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We can install any desired mulch but our suggestion is to go with either a cypress or cedar on most occasions, or at least a dyed hardwood because simple natural hardwood mulch loses color quickly and biodegrades very quickly. In most cases, you are better without anything under the mulch because mulch becomes dirt and dirt gets weeds. Sometimes fabric is a good option.

Sod Work

We can install any type of rock available around your home or business. We will improve the grade around the entire area to make sure the water runs away from the dwelling. Also either fabric or 6 ml plastic will be overlapped and stapled to ensure a weed free area for 20 years or more. 10 year guarantee..

We can help you achieve your dream garden. The quality of the soil is important and we will improve the quality of soil when necessary. We will  pay attention to space and shape as well as sun exposure when putting together a plan. We also will offer you several choices when a selecting a border that suits your taste.