All of our boulder walls are constructed with the best boulder fabric on the market to ensure no dirt erosion or weeds growing on your wall. We also shop for uniform boulders for the best possible final product. All boulder walls have 10 year guarantee.

We can build you a natural stone patio of any stone on the market. Certain stone products are more level than others, so depending you your future use of the project, Tom will help you make a good choice. We use polymeric sand between the gaps, grass or even thyme. 10 year guarantee.

All of our timber walls are built with the highest quality wood from Wheeler Lumber. It is important that the timbers are heavy from being injected with plenty of treatment. Our timber walls all have a rock base for drainage and many deadmen tied back into the hill for structure and stability. All timber walls have a 10 year guarantee.

Natural Stone Walls

Boulder Walls

We have access to any natural stone available. We recommend keeping these under 3.5 feet tall and we put clean rock behind all natural stone walls over 1 foot tall to keep water from freezing behind them and shifting the wall. We can build you a natural stone wall out a mix of different stones of different colors and shapes  if you desire. All natural stone walls have a 10 year guarantee.

Natural Stone Patios

Paver Patios

We will show you all the different pavers available to help you make your best choice. All of our paver patios have at least 6" of compacted class S underneath and our constructed to never settle. We use high quality paver edging to hold the edges of your patio in place for the life of the project. 10 year guarantee.

We can build you a block wall of any prodcut on the market. All of our block walls will have a 6" base of class S underneath the bottom row to prevent any settling. In addition, most walls will have rock behind them with drain tile and be vented. All block walls have a 10 year guarantee.

Timber Walls

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